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What is Play Minesweeper


Minesweeper is a free online puzzle game.  This game's objective is to clear a rectangular board comprising hidden mines without detonating some of them, together with assistance from clues regarding the number of nearby mines in each area.

How to play

Clear all of the squares on the board that do not have mines, and flag all of the mines.  Left-click your mouse to reveal hidden bits.  Use the numbers you find to figure out where the mines will be: each number tells you how many the surrounding eight tiles (up/down, left/right, or diagonal) are all mines.  Once you've figured out which a mine is, then click on it to put a flag there.  How fast can you clear the entire board?

Minesweeper game starts with a grid of unmarked squares. After clicking one of these squares, some of the squares will disappear, some will remain blank, and some will have numbers on them.
The numbers are displayed to show how many bombs are adjacent to that square. You will use the numbers to find which of the blank squares have mines and which are safe to click.
Place a flag where you know a bomb to be and open up squares where you think there isn't one. You right-click or use the space bar to place flags.
When a 1 is only touching one uncleared square, that square must be a mine. This is the same for 2, 3, and so on.

Minesweeper is useful for pattern recognition, meaning you will discover to take a look in a succession of numbers and figure out what the numbers mean when they are in a specific purchase.  Additionally, it is perfect for deductive reasoning.



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